Talking tech in a world gone mad.

Hey.  Hey you.  Yes you.  Got a minute?

Do you hate blogs?  I mean, like really hate them?  I would even ask, to the point of why are you even reading my blog?  Still reading?  Alright, well I can I tell you something?  One of the things that has been bothering me as of late is (ironically) this blog.  Blogs are often  passive/aggressive depending on their topic.  Their “agenda” is sometimes veiled in snide skepticism of a singular or various topics of which at the end of the day leave the reader hallow or empty.  Hopefully this blog is not one of those.  Still with me?  Good.

As I wrestled with the re-focus of this blog you may have noticed that there are only a few posts left and with good reason;  If you’re new, well it is nice to meet you and welcome.  One of my great teachers told me once “If you aren’t thinking or writing you aren’t living.”  Powerful isn’t it?  If there is no outlet for the human mind to process events, happenings or experiences then what is the point?  In a more concise point, if those experiences aren’t shared collectively then why do we exist?  As I thought about my particular passions in life, technology kept coming back to the forefront of what it is that drives me to understand things on a more intimate level.  Take for example my post on “Why I gave up saying Happy Birthday on Facebook“.  That post shot me to the top of the WordPress Freshly pressed blogs of the day.  Over 6,000 views and more than 200 comments later, to this day I still get comments on that post.  If you Google, Bing or Yahoo search those words, you can find other WordPress blogs that actually copied and pasted my exact story to their blog for the SEO hits.  What the hell?

Anyways… what were we talking about..?  Oh right, right… technology;  People are not wired to be a computer.  I’ll say that again;  People… you and me, are not wired to be a computer.  Our habits, our thoughts, our secrets and even our desires while they can be quantified by a computer are not computer like in any form.  Let that wash over you for a minute and once you realize the implication of that statement you then realize the only next logical conclusion;  You are not a computer.

Deep breath.  It’s ok.  Take another breath.

Fight Club was and is a movie that I still re-watch once a year to mind me of the subtleness of how we get so wrapped up in ourselves that we forget who we are beyond what we project to others.  This blog hopefully will serve as a discussion for technology and how it looks to change us or interact with us.  I won’t be covering everything, but hopefully such engaging headlines such as self-driving cars to Artificial Intelligence.  As I leave you, I leave you with this song from said movie that hopefully reminds you that you are still you and that is the best part of the human experience.

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